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Grade 4140

This medium carbon alloy grade is widely used for many general purpose parts...
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Grade 1144

Made by a patented process which consists of drawing the bar through a special die...
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Grade 4340

4340 is a highly alloyed steel with high nickel and chromium content ...
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Grade 1045

This is a fully killed steel produced to fine grain practice by the electric arc ...
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Grade C1018

This grade is produced in an electric arc or basic oxygen furnace...
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Richmond Steel Canada LTD is a tier one distributor of 1018, 4140, 4340, 1144 and 1045. Steel products available in different surface conditions such as cold drawn, and turned, ground & polished. Selected steel grades are available in heat treated, stress relieved or quench & tempered conditions as well as annealed.

Metric steel products include metric steel shafting and metric steel precision ground. Our metric ground bar is suitable for various applications including metric pump shafts and metric hydraulic cylinders.

Inquiries call: (905) 664-9911 *Toll Free: 1-888-649-9911 or Fax: (905) 664-9912

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